10/4/2009: GRR v. JRG RCRP

Bout recap by Anne Boleyn-You-Over

Oct. 4, 2009: “Bring It”

FINAL: Jacksonville Roller Girls’ River City Rat Pack 121, Gainesville Roller Rebels 61

Click here to check out photos from the bout by Dana John Hill.

Seeking redemption from their midseason loss to the New Jax City Rollers, the Gainesville Roller Rebels took to the track against Jacksonville’s River City Rat Pack on October 4, 2009. Surrounded by hundreds of fans, this was Gainesville’s first home bout since their exciting rout of Fort Walton’s Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls on July 12, 2009.

The Roller Rebels’ lineup consisted of blockers Aurora Nox, Black-Out Brady, Dr. PopHer, Hershall Stalker, Lethal Dose, Matriarch, Patsy Clothesline, PocaHotAss, Roll It Up and GRR’s newest derby GRRl Rage-rienne. Serving it up as jammers and blockers were Demonomia, Grizzly Madams, Ruby Typhoon and Suzie Bonebreaker.

The Rat Pack was made up of blockers Anita Hard-One, Bibbity Boppity Boo, Buckie Rebel, Cherry Charger, Death Star, Phila Bitch, Sarah Quilly, Sash N Bash, Tarable Trouble and Tara Bites. The swift-skating jammers were Crash Register, Gangsta Bitch Barbie and Nuke.

The first half began tentatively, as each team took a few jams to size up the other team. The score remained low and close in the first minutes, each team only gaining 2 or 3 points per jam — even when Gainesville was skating one blocker short in the fifth jam.

In the sixth jam of the first half, Gainesville’s Grizzly Madams used her quickness and toughness to keep Crash Register in check. But on the following jam, the Rat Pack’s talented jammer/coach Nuke scored 4 pass points and 1 grand-slam point, as her efficient blockers kept GRR’s Demonomia from breaking through the pack. From that point on, Jacksonville effectively kept Gainesville’s jammers off balance and scoreless for 10 straight jams — which took both teams into halftime with a score of 52-13.

Knowing they needed a big showing to start the second half, Gainesville put blocker Ruby Typhoon in the jammer slot. Skating alongside the Rat Pack’s Gangsta Bitch Barbie is no easy feat, but Gainesville’s blockers immediately controlled the inside, allowing Ruby through and keeping Gangsta pinned at the back of the pack. Just like that, Gainesville skated out to a great second-half start, scoring 9 points to Jacksonville’s 1. Not to be outdone, Jacksonville’s Crash Register answered back on the second jam, scoring 8 to Gainesville’s 0. A few jams later, Gangsta was back — but against the sure-skated Suzie Bonebreaker. Even though Gainesville played this jam one short due to a tripping penalty on Hershall Stalker, Aurora Nox put up a huge block to allow Suzie Bonebreaker to keep pace with Gangsta, outscoring the opposing jammer 4 – 3.

On the eighth jam of the second half, GRR’s PocaHotAss used her namesake to her fullest advantage, putting a huge block on Gangsta Bitch Barbie to the inside, allowing Suzie to pass on the outside and become lead jammer. After gaining 4 points to Jacksonville’s 0 and skating around for another brilliant scoring pass, a tragic gear malfunction put an end to a stellar Gainesville jam.

The 13th jam saw Crash Register battling Grizzly Madams on the jammer line. Grizzly put an immediate hit on the jammer, knocking her down. Not one to let her teammate suffer such an offense without retribution, Jacksonville’s Bibbity Boppity Boo skated right in front of Grizzly, slowing her momentum so quickly that the formidable blocker/jammer was knocked down. Her teammates joined her in an effort to keep Grizzly contained, and the jam had no lead jammer. On her second scoring pass, Crash Register came up on Gainesville’s Hershall Stalker, who landed an unexpected block on the jammer. Crashing into the floor, Crash took out her own pivot, effectively ending Jacksonville’s scoring run at 9, and allowing Grizzly to get Gainesville 4 points.

The next few jams reminded fans of the first few of the bout, both teams playing great defense and only allowing a few points. But it was Crash Register, back after her confrontation with Hershall Stalker a few jams previous, going up against Ruby Typhoon. Teaching the Roller Rebels that you should never, ever let go of that inside line, she skated right up the inside of the track like she had turbo jets on the back of her skates. Ruby was quick behind her on the first scoring pass, but was short a blocker to help her through when Grizzly Madams was sent to the penalty box for an elbow block. Crash Register was rewarded with another scoring pass and a grand slam point.

Two jams later, it was Nuke at the line again. But this time, PocaHotAss was ready for her. Outskating Jacksonville’s jammer, Poca put herself right in front of Nuke, effectively allowing Suzie to cruise right by and become lead jammer and outscore Jacksonville 4 – 3.

The final jam put Grizzly Madams up against Crash Register, Gainesville without one blocker due to Hershall Stalker receiving her fourth minor penalty. Crash Register passed through the pack to become lead jammer, and then called off the jam and ended the game after scoring 4 points.

Despite losing to the veteran skaters of Jacksonville 121-61, Gainesville proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with. By making necessary adjustments at halftime, the Roller Rebels scored 48 points in the second half — over three times as many as their first half total of 13. Newer skaters Hershall Stalker for the Rebels and Bippity Boppity Boo for the Rat Pack made a huge impact in the game, while veteran jammers Suzie Bonebreaker and Crash Register accounted for most of their team’s points.