7/24/2010: GRR vs. TCR

July 24, 2010:
“Badasses In Blue”

FINAL: Gainesville Roller Rebels’ Swamp City Sirens 111, Tragic City Rollers 75


Bout recap by Brian Ferguson aka Mr. Shagnasty

The Gainesville Roller Rebels continued their hot streak with an impressive 111-75 victory over Birmingham’s Tragic City Rollers. Fresh off their heart-stopping victory in Bradenton, the Rebels headed back to the friendly confines of Skate Station in Gainesville and took care of business — now winners of three out of their last four bouts.

The Rebs jumped out to a 5-0 lead with a grand slam by Jamburglar (15), then followed it up with four more quick ones by future MVP Roll It Up (420) to up the total to 9-zip. Costly penalties, however, allowed Tragic City to make a run and with the swift feet of Suge Fight (22) Birmingham knotted it up at 18. Both teams went back and forth until midway through the first half when, on a power jam, Psycho B (0260) racked up nine points while most Rebels could only watch from the penalty box. Birmingham found themselves leading 37-28. That was the last jam Tragic City would win the rest of the half.

Gainesville continued to chip away at the lead with points by Suzie Bonebreaker (13), Jamburglar (15) and Ruby Typhoon (77). While Birmingham remained stagnant at 37, the Rebs — with solid blocking by Dr. PopHer (P450) and Zelda Shagnasty (69) and huge hits by Grizzly Madams (2nd Amendment) — found themselves leading 53-37. Things didn’t get any better for Birmingham when Suge Fight went down with an apparent leg injury with about five minutes left in the half. When the dust cleared, the Rebels were leading 61-39.


  • There was a great crowd for the bout; around 500 patrons came to see GRR take the floor.
  • Glyph’s suit and sweet car combination was a perfect complement to his witty satire and endless commercial plugs.
  • Grizzly Madams was in the penalty box quite a bit for this bout, but as was evident in the second half, she remembered that her elbow is a lethal weapon in nine states.
  • The beer flowed like wine.
  • Big kudos to the Ocala Cannibals representatives who came up for the bout, and another big thanks for not eating any of our fans.

The beginning of the second half found Gainesville a little off as Tragic City took the first four jams and trimmed the lead 64-54. Another positive sign was the return of Suge Fight, who contributed to the Birmingham surge. GRR, however, was not to be denied and found out in the Bradenton match prior that a lead is something to be cherished. Roll It Up found herself racking up 10 points and Suzie tacked on four more. With these jumps GRR squashed any hope for a comeback, leading 78-60.

The rest of the bout was a bit chippy with girls flying everywhere and very little scoring to be found. GRR continued to maintain their lead, and Suzie put the proverbial nail in the coffin with a nine point surge giving the Rebs a 111-75 point victory.



  • Another victory, another party, and both teams were ready to retreat to Splitz to knock back a couple of cold ones. We all know that these girls are exceptionally skilled on the track, but put a microphone in their hands for a little karaoke, and well, let’s just say they can skate good. (Please don’t hurt me.)
  • Congratulations to Cujo (K9) for surviving her first bout.

Next bout — “Summer Shovin'” — is scheduled for August 7 vs. the Ft. Myers Derby Girls’ Palm City Punishers. The last time the Rebs faced this juggernaut they had their helmet handed to them 108-155.

This just in… On July 25 on their home track, Ft. Myers’ Misdemeanors clubbed Brandentucky‚Äôs Nuclear Bombshells 186-54! GRR is going to have their work cut out for them. We are going to need all of your support for this one. Come out and support the team.