Bout Recap: GRR vs. Atlanta Sake Tuyas

July 9, 2011
Tonight the Gainesville Roller Rebels host the Atlanta Sake Tuyas, one of the Atlanta Roller Girls (a founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) home teams. Electricity and music are in the air tonight as the teams warm up prior to the bout. The Duppies are rockin’ out under the scoreboard and everyone is looking forward to a great match-up!
Starting off what is to be a hard fought first half, the Roller Rebels take to a quick lead. Slick moves and tremendous blocking put them up 11 to 0 over the Sake Tuyas. Mysteriously, now that I have scored some pen and paper and can take notes, Atlanta’s Hollicidal (#h864) returns fire to tie the score at 14 only to rack up a 19 point jam minutes later despite big blocks from Gainesville’s Grizzly Madams (#2nd Amendment). Gainesville rallies over the next 4 jams securing lead jammer each time and taking the lead 45 to 43 over Atlanta.
At this point, despite some good blocking by Atlanta’s Bella deRink (#007) the Sake Tuyas are unable to control the pack or score effectively, only putting up 11 more points in the half. Not so for the Roller Rebels who score another 45 points on the strength of their blockers, most notably Boston Massacre transfer, Killary Clinton (#2008), ending the half with 90. The Jamburglar (#15) scores an impressive 12 points in the final jam with the crowd cheering her on.
Halftime brings another quick set by The Duppies (I know the drummer!) and socializing as both teams plan their strategies for the second half. It’s been a crazy-hard fought bout so far, and it’s not over yet!
The second half starts with Gainesville’s jammer in the penalty box and Atlanta immediately taking lead jammer. Edna Vendetta (#511) puts up 9 points which swings the momentum back in favor of Atlanta. Regretta Garbo (#1905) graces the Gainesville jammers with her elegant blocking skills and so do Hollicidal and InSINerator (#1650), allowing only 6 points for GRR in the first half of the period. Meanwhile, Agent Maulder (#X13) and Ruby Chaos (#AK47) continue to put up solid numbers for Atlanta by executing well and calling off jams quickly. Even though Atomic Mel-Down (#U-235) and Dr. PopHer (#P450) threw some serious blocking at them, Atlanta was able to bring their score to 87, back in range of Gainesville’s 96.
Undeterred, The Jamburglar squeaks through the pack for a quick 3 points, reenergizing both the team and the crowd. Suzie Bonebreaker (#13) takes advantage of an Atlanta penalty to score 14 points going up 116 to their 89. Then, just as Atlanta rallies again and threatens to regain the lead, a break out jam for The Jamburglar nets 24 whopping points for Gainesville, extending their lead to 142 to 110. With time running out, Atlanta continues to work hard but is unable catch up, even as Ruby Chaos scores 10 points in the final jam. In the end, the Gainesville Roller Rebels defeat the Atlanta Sake Tuyas in a brilliantly skated bout by a score of 151 to 124.
Thanks to the Atlanta Roller Girls for a great bout! The crowd went absolutely nuts for this one! See you next time!

Gainesville Roller Rebels Bout Recap by Chris
Saturday, July 9th
Skate Station Funworks – Gainesville, FL