Rebel of the Month – Demonomia #138

Roller derby name and number: Demonomia, #138

Roller derby position – on the track (and why): Pivot, sometimes jammer.

Roller derby position – off the track (and why): I’ve been all over this league, but I’m currently the co-captain and webmaster.

How long have you been playing roller derby for GRR? OG! Since we started in Nov 2007. I was one of the founding board members as the treasurer.

How did you come up with your name and number? My name is making fun of Danzig’s poor pronunciation of ‘Demonomania’ from the Misfits song. Number? We are 138!

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals? Before: Coffee! B-vitamins! After: FOOD.

What is your favorite thing about playing roller derby for GRR?
Having a second family in Florida. I moved to Gainesville without knowing anyone and it has been amazing to get the opportunity to meet and skate with a team of such dedicated, empowering women.

What is your most memorable GRR roller derby experience?
Gosh there are so many! Getting lead jam against Tampa during our 4th game EVER (we got slaughtered!), seeing the amazing teamwork at our last few games of the season last fall, and the awesome team road trips we have to far-away games. Everything really!

If your roller derby alter-ego had a theme song, what would it be?
Demonomania, The Misfits. Look upon me, I am the beast!

Aside from roller derby, what are you passionate about? Research, statistics, video games, crafts.

What would GRR fans be surprised to know about you? I’m a few months away from my second masters, and about a year away from finishing my Ph.D. Nerd power!

What makes you a Rebel? I will never give up! I will do anything and everything to be the best skater I can be (even including running in my spare time, which I used to HATE. And I do squats when I brush my teeth! serious times).

Likes:Pivoting, getting low, skating fast, strategizing, yelling on the track.

Dislikes: People who hit me in the face. COME ON.

Guilty pleasures: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee; merlot & chocolate cake; peanut butter & bananas after practice.

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