02-26-12 GRR Intraleague Bout – Swamp City Sirens vs. Millhopper Devils

Final Score: Swamp City Sirens 136, Millhopper Devils 62

Don’t let the final score fool you. The Gainesville Roller Rebels intra-league bout and 2012 season opener was filled with tension and excitement.

This was the first of three match-ups in 2012 between the Swamp City Sirens and the Millhopper Devils, the Gainesville Roller Rebels’ Home Teams.


The first jam of the night looked promising for the Swamp City Sirens as LeBrawn Maimes secured the lead-jammer position in a nose-to-nose race through a strong pack. Millhopper Devils jammer Suzie Bonebreaker was right behind, though, and LeBrawn was forced to call off the jam with a score of 0-0. Things slowly picked up from there with visiting skater Laya Landmine of Jacksonville Rollergirls scoring the first points for the Swamp City Sirens. After almost wiping out in the fourth jam, LeBrawn was lead jammer again and scored six points. The pack was tight, but Patsy Clothesline put the Millhopper Devils on the board before the jam was over. The score hovered at 10-1 until Noam Bombsky took lead jammer position for the Millhopper Devils thanks to some incredible blocking skills by Devils’ Rage-Rienne. Sirens Atomic Mel-Down and Blockbuster forced Bombsky to call the jam early. Bombsky picked up 4 points cutting the lead to 10-5 and gaining momentum for the Devils.

Millhopper Devils’ Suzie Bonebreaker was able to close the point gap even more in the next jam, which took place equally on the track and in the penalty box. Bonebreaker was sent to the box early before a lead jam position was earned. Laya Landmine was whipped through the pack and continued for a Grand Slam before Devils’ Krispy KremeHer went for a block. Krispy missed, but Landmine went on to cut the track and was sent to the box, freeing Bonebreaker to earn points with no lead jammer on the track. With Landmine out, the Devils pack split forcing the refs to make a no-pack call, allowing Bonebreaker to rack up 9 points for the Devils and a close score of 15-14.

Shortly after, the first injury of the night occurred. LeBrawn Maimes was in lead jam position when Bonebreaker took a hit from Marty Maraschino assisted by 12 Gauge of the Jacksonville Rollergirls requiring medical attention. With a leg injury, Bonebreaker cheered on the Devils from the bench for the remainder of the bout.

The first period ended with a nine-point performance by Sirens lead jammer Killary Clinton. Killary fought her way through a tight pack bringing the first period to an end with a score of 29-17.

Hungry to close the score gap in the second period, visiting skater Blaque Jac of the Bradentucky Bombers fought hard for the Millhopper Devils. Her fight ended early, however, after being sent to the penalty box. Opposing jammer LeBrawn Maimes seized the opportunity, scoring an incredible three Grand Slams. The Swamp City Sirens’ lead extended to 22 points (49-27).

Swamp City Sirens blocker Blockbuster stopped Millhopper Devils jammer Patsy Clothesline both from getting lead jammer position and scoring points midway through the second period. The Devils attempted to return the favor in the next jam. Taking a knee for a no-pack call, it looked like the Devils’ jammer would get lead position after the pack stopped LeBrawn Maimes from getting through. LeBrawn jumped back up quickly, though, and made it through the pack twice before calling the jam from the floor.

The Swamp City Sirens played strategically and held the Millhopper Devils to an almost scoreless second half of the second period. The Devils’ score stayed at 35 for the last six jams. The Sirens were able to score lead jammer position and pick up a few points each jam, despite Devils jammer Noam Bombsky on the heels of the Sirens. Strong blocks by Devils blockers by Rage-Rienne and Patsy Clothesline kept the Sirens point increase low. The second period ended with a score of 75-35.

In the third and final period of the night, Blaque Jac was back at the jammer line and secured lead jammer position. Sirens jammer LeBrawn Maimes was able to catch up before sliding off the track, and the third period looked promising for the Devils. But not for long. After a major cut penalty was called, Blaque Jac was sent to the penalty box. Devils blocker Rage-Rienne wasn’t deterred and fought to keep LeBrawn behind the pack twice until both times a no-pack call forced Rage-Rienne to let the jammer through. Blaque Jac made it out of the penalty box in time to score four points before the full two-minute jam ended. LeBrawn scored an incredible 19 points, bringing the lead to 96-39.

Notable lead jam positions by Sirens Killary Clinton, Laya Landmine, and LeBrawn Maimes earned the Sirens a 121-44 lead.

With eight minutes left in the third period, Skate Station Funworks was silenced when visiting skater Lola D’Bruizky of the Jacksonville Rollergirls was injured. Playing for the Swamp City Sirens, D’Bruizky was knocked out of the pack and to the floor where she barely moved awaiting medical attention. Gainesville Roller Rebels medics assessed her injuries and called a local ambulance. The mood was tense as the worried crowd looked for clues to the extent of D’Bruizky’s injuries. Announcer Glyph Huckster confirmed a case of whiplash. A strong part of the Sirens’ pack all evening, D’Bruizky was taken away by ambulance to the hospital to be treated. She left with a standing ovation by skaters and cheers from the crowd. D’Bruizky later reported that she was doing well and had a lot of fun at the bout.

Devils’ jammer Blaque Jac returned to the jammer line, and the bout resumed with Sirens’ jammer Killary Clinton in the penalty box. Blaque Jac easily took lead jammer position with a no-pack call by refs. Midway through her Power Jam, Blaque Jac was sent to the penalty box with a back-block call, releasing Killary Clinton. It was a brief appearance as Killary was called for cutting the track, and the jammers once again traded places. Blaque Jac was out and ready to score, but Sirens’ blockers Marty Maraschino, Rosie D. Ribsplitter and 12 Gauge were able to stop Blaque Jac until Rage-Rienne strategically slowed behind the pack and a no-pack call was made. Blaque Jac made it through and called the jam after scoring 10 points.

In the final jam of the night, no lead jammer was called. Devils jammer Jonesy started the jam in the penalty box, but Killary Clinton was sent to the box early for cutting the track. Jonesy was right behind her with a track-cutting penalty. Killary was back on the track, but a pile-up with Marty Maraschino and Krispy Kreme-Her prevented Killary from getting through the pack. 12 Gauge pulled Killary up from the floor and pushed her through the most of the pack. Rage-Rienne found herself blocking a Sirens jammer for the last time as a no-pack call was made. Despite nearly doubling their score in the third period, the Devils were not able to make a comeback. The final score was 136-62.

MVP Jammers
Swamp City Sirens – Laya Landmine
Millhopper Devils – Krispy Kreme-Her

MVP Blockers
Swamp City Sirens – Atomic Mel-Down
Millhopper Devils – Rage-Rienne