03-31-12 Gainesville Roller Rebels vs Tampa Bay Cruise Crew

Final Score: Gainesville Roller Rebels 209, Tampa Bay Cruise Crew 27

It was almost a year ago – March 27, 2011 – that the Tampa Bay Cruise Crew last traveled north to take on the Gainesville Roller Rebels. GRR won that bout, 80-191. TBBC is Tampa’s B traveling team, with half home team skaters and half of the skaters from Tampa Tantrums (WFTDA A Travel Team).

Ready for a rematch and hoping to create a winning streak, TBBC and GRR respectively lined up on the track at Skate Station for the March 31, 2012 bout.

Jammers Krispy Kreme-Her (#0), Suzie Bonebreaker (#13) and Lebrawn Maimes (#23) started off the night by securing the first three jammer positions for the Roller Rebels. The level of athleticism and competition was high throughout the bout, but this early momentum was crucial and set the tone for the evening.

Gainesville Roller Rebels blockers were a critical element in the March 31, 2012 blowout against the visiting team, Tampa Bay Bruise Crew. Photo by Dana John Hill.

Gainesville Roller Rebels blockers were a critical element in the March 31, 2012 blowout against the visiting team, Tampa Bay Bruise Crew. Photo by Dana John Hill.

With a score of 13-0 (Rebels), Tampa Bay Bruise Crew was ready for a change of pace. Taz Maniac (#7) snagged the first lead jammer position for TBBC in the fourth jam of the night. GRR blocker Atomic Mel-Down (#U-235) knocked Taz Maniac into the center, forcing her to call the jam from the floor before either team could score.

Jammer Stella Knockout (#620) put TBBC on the board in the next jam, gaining 4 points for the visiting team. GRR blockers Noam Bombsky (#12), Blockbuster (#33) and Demonomia (#138) were able to slow the pack down and get a no-pack call allowing GRR jammer Suzie Bonebreaker to get through the pack, forcing Stella to call off the jam.

The penalty box was busy that night, with GRR jammer LeBrawn Maimes taking an early visit to the box in the sixth jam. Despite this, no lead jammer was called thanks to the impenetrable wall of GRR blockers Dr. PopHer (#P450), Atomic Mel-Down and Demonomia. PopHer forced TBBC jammer Lil Bit Breaker (#365) to the floor, with little time remaining. LeBrawn exited the penalty box just as the jam ended.

Soon enough Suzie Bonebreaker widened the gap with an amazing pie-in-the-sky jam, earning 15 points for GRR. With TBCC jammer Klymaxxx (#140 miles) in the penalty box and two no-pack calls, Bonebreaker circled the track with ease. Atomic Mel-Down and Demonomia spent significant time in the penalty box, but GRR blocker Rage-Rienne (#1122) was able to take down Klymaxxx as she re-entered the track. With a score of 33-7, the Roller Rebels didn’t look back for the rest of the night.

The GRR Power Trio of Grizzly Madams (#2nd Amendment), Noam Bombsky and Atomic Mel-Down kept TBBC jammer Sketch E. Artist (#747) back as LeBrawn Maimes raked in another 14 points. (47-7)

Both teams fought to put points on the board through the next few jams, which featured numerous no-pack calls and nose-to-nose jams.

The score was 55-16, and Suzie Bonebreaker was back on the track looking to score. TBBC blocker Tic Tac Toni (#XO) kept Bonebreaker back, forcing her to call the jam with only one point.

The Roller Rebels continued to steadily put points on the board a few at a time for the rest of the first half. Lined up for the last jam of the first half, TBBC Stella Knockout was forced to wait for the second half as the clock ran out before the whistle. With only 20 points, TBBC was looking for a comeback against GRR’s 55 point lead. (75-20)

Jammer Stella Knockout took on LeBrawn Maimes in the opening jam of the second half. The TBBC pack took a knee to start the 27th jam of the evening with a no-pack call. LeBrawn hugged the inside of the track, while Grizzly Madams, Blockbuster, Noam Bombsky and Atomic Mel-Down kept Stella at bay. Lead Jammer LeBrawn fell down and called the jam as she fell to the floor, earning 7 points that jam.

LeBrawn and Stella met again a few jams later. TBBC looked to secure lead jammer position, with GRR blockers Grizzly, Noam Bombsky and Demonomia warming seats in the penalty box. GRR blocker Atomic Mel-Down represented the pack by her lonesome on the track. Stella Knockout received a major track-cutting penalty as Mel-Down knocked her out, also receiving a penalty. With no pack and no GRR blockers on the track, LeBrawn skated freely. GRR blockers returned, and Noam Bombsky held back TBBC’s Liquor Possi (#313) and Tic Tac Toni, letting LeBrawn pass. Stella returned, and LeBrawn called off the jam, having scored an unbelievable 19 points during a jam that started with GRR in the box. (106-20)

The Roller Rebels momentum was unstoppable. Jammers Krispy Kreme-Her, Suzie Bonebreaker and LeBrawn Maimes continued to score points, while GRR blockers kept TBBC behind. (116-27)

GRR jammer Krispy Kreme-Her took the line against TBBC jammer Klymaxxx mid-way through the second half. GRR blockers Stocky Balboa (#170) and Noam Bombsky teamed up to keep Klymaxxx behind the pack. Klymaxxx took a major inside cut and ended up in the penalty box. With GRR blockers controlling the track at a standstill, Krispy casually lapped the pack, adding another 15 points to the GRR scoreboard for a score of 131-27.

GRR jammers Suzie Bonebreaker and LeBrawn Maimes kept the GRR lead jammer streak, while the GRR pack continued to stop TBBC from scoring points. Blockbuster, Noam Bombsky and Rosie D. Ribsplitter (#108) held TBBC captain Stella Knockout to zero points.

Krispy Kreme-Her was at it again, this time lined up against TBBC jammer Taz Maniac. The TBBC pack took a knee, starting off the jam with a no-pack call. Krispy began a toe-stop run on the inside line and secured lead jammer position, calling off the jam after scoring four points. (146-27)

Excited fans filled the crowd and fueled the GRR fire. Suzie Bonebreaker took the link against TBBC jammer Klymaxxx. A solid pack seemed difficult to get through, but GRR blocker Blockbuster helped Suzie through to secure lead jammer position, while the rest of the blockers – Noam Bombsky, Zelda Shagnasty (#69) and Stocky Balboa – kept Klymaxxx to the back of the pack. Bombsky stopped a TBBC whip move, and Blockbuster knocked Klymaxxx off the track in a spin. This full two-minute jam ended with a three-time Grand Slam by Bonebreaker and a goose egg for TBBC. (161-27)

GRR was unstoppable. LeBrawn Maimes took a hard hit by TBBC blocker Liquor Possi, but was still able to get the lead jammer position. Krispy Kreme-Her added another nine points, while TBBC jammer Taz Maniac watched from the penalty box.

Unfortunately, shortly after in the last jam of the bout Taz Maniac would watch Krispy again from the penalty box. After the TBBC jammer jumped the line before the whistle, Krispy scored the final 14 points for the Roller Rebels bringing the final score to 209-27.

MVP Blockers:
TBBC – Taz Maniac
GRR – Noam Bombsky

MVP Jammers:
TBBC – Stella Knockout
GRR – Suzie Bonebreaker