06-02-12 Gainesville Roller Rebels vs Ft. Myers Derby Girls

Final Score: Fort Myers Derby Girls 135, Gainesville Roller Rebels 82

Looking to continue their four-game winning streak, the Gainesville Roller Rebels were hungry for a win against the Fort Myers Derby Girls. At the last match-up between these two teams, GRR won 187-155. With a history of close bouts, these teams always bring energy and excitement to whenever they play each other. Despite FMDG winning by more than 50 points, GRR fans packed the venue until the very end.

FMDG’s jammer Serenity Storm (#413) scored the first points of the night in an opening jam against Krispy Kreme-Her (#0) representing GRR. Serenity scored three points to GRR’s zero. The next few jams saw more points scored, as GRR’s Suzie Bonebreaker (#13) took the lead with the help of her GRR blockers. Atomic Mel-Down (#U-235) and Demonomia (#138) were able to keep FMDG jammer Slambags (#9) in the back of the pack while Bonebreaker scored an incredible 10 points.

Photo by Dana John Hill

Both teams played defense through the next six jams leaving the score at 9-14, GRR. Lead jammers alternated between jams, and Rosie D. Ribsplitter (#108) and Grizzly Madams (#2nd Amendment) made strong blocks for GRR forcing FMDG jammers to call off without scoring. GRR Blocker Stocky Balboa (#170) held back FMDG jammer, letting Bonebreaker secure lead jam position. Once Bonebreaker was through the pack FMDG blocker Jack Scratch Fever (#23) knocked her out of bounds, forcing Bonebreaker to call the jam.

GRR’s Noam Bombsky (#12) and FMDG’s Serenity Storm found themselves jamming against each other for the second time in a no-score jam. A particularly slow jam, both jammers got through the pack inside the track. Serenity called off the jam with Bombsky close behind.

With GRR leading 18-15, Noam Bombsky faced FMDG Slambags at the line. Shortly after the whistle, Bombsky was sent to the penalty box. GRR blockers held Slambags back for as long as they could. GRR blocker Atomic Mel-Down joined Bombsky in the box, and FMDG took the lead. Slambags scored a double Grand Slam bringing the score to 18-25, FMDG.

The GRR pack took a knee and Suzie Bonebreaker and Serenity Storm competed against each other for lead jam. No lead jammer was awarded this time. Atomic Mel-Down saw the box again with a major penalty for track cutting. Storm widened the lead to 20-38, FMDG, with another Grand Slam.

Anxious to close the gap, GRR jammer Krispy Kreme-Her prepared to face FMDG jammer Slambags. Both jammers cut the track and another full two-minute jam was played as neither team could claim lead jammer position. Krispy made it through the pack early on with the help of Atomic Mel-Down, Block Buster (#33), Grizzly Madams and Rosie D. Ribsplitter. Block Buster succeeded in keeping Slambags from breaking through the pack.

With a score of 37-59 FMDG, GRR’s Noam Bombsky was ready to score. Unfortunately, FMDG jammer TeKill Ya Sunshine (#3.14) with the help of blocker Krystal Deth (#3.5g) scored another nine points in slow pack jam. GRR’s Stocky Balboa slowed Sunshine down forcing her to call off the jam before scoring any more points.

The first half ended with a score of 38-72, FMDG. GRR was behind more than 30 points and hungry to score in the second half.

FMDG wasn’t going to make it easy for GRR. Jammer Jamsterella brought in another four points for FMDG before GRR had the chance to score. Suzie Bonebreaker made it through the pack against Serenity Storm and avoided a major track cut penalty after being knocked out by FMDG blocker Krystal Deth. Serenity was sent to the box and it was a GRR Power Jam. Bonebreaker was able to score five points and called off the jam just as Serenity re-entered the rink.

As the FMDG score climbed, so did the tension. The score was 43-76, FMDG, when both teams played in a heated jam. Krispy Kreme-Her was jamming against FMDG Slambags when FMDG blocker Tawna Brix received a major penalty for elbowing. Krispy managed to make it through the pack and score 13 points.

FMDG blocker Jack Scratch Fever found herself in the penalty box alongside GRR blockers Noam Bombsky and Block Buster. GRR blockers Stocky Balboa and Grizzly Madams maintained a strong pack, allowing Suzie Bonebreaker to score another seven points. FMDG were scoring at the same pace, though, keeping the score gap wide.

GRR still had hope. Bonebreaker score another seven points with the help of FMDG. Bonebreaker broke out of the pack scoring lead jammer position as the FMDG jammer and blockers collided. Block Buster, Noam Bombksy and Grizzly Madams held the jammer holding FMDG to zero points this jam.

FMDG jammer Jamsterella scored 12 points in the next jam, bringing the score to 77-100, FMDG. FMDG jammer Slambags jammed against Krispy Kreme-Her. Once FMDG secured the lead jam position, the FMDG pack was slow, killing time and trying to maintain their lead. Slambags was forced to call the jam without scoring due to the strength of the GRR pack.

FMDG saw another no-point jam with GRR jammer Noam Bombsky securing the lead jam position. GRR Grizzly Madams stopped two FMDG blockers and the jammer allowing Bombsky to score three points before calling the jam from the floor. In the next jam, Atomic Mel-Down showed the same level of athleticism keeping FMDG jammer Serenity Storm behind the pack, allowing GRR Krispy Kreme-Her to score another few points.

With a score 82-103, FMDG and less than 10 minutes to go in the bout, the GRR formed a solid pack with Noam Bombsky, Block Buster and Grizzly Madams forcing FMDG to call the jam.

In the final three jams of the night, FMDG scored nearly 30 points thanks to GRR skaters visiting the box. Suzie Bonebreaker began a jam in the box shortly after joined by Demonomia, allowing FMDG jammer Slambags to score two Grand Slams. With 20 seconds left on the clock, GRR skaters still hadn’t given up the fight. Rosie D. Ribsplitter was able to knock FMDG blocker Serenity Storm off track as the clock expired.

With a final score of 135-82, FMDG, the venue was still packed with fans waiting to slap hands with skaters from both teams. GRR will face the FMDG Palm City Punishers in what FMDG has deemed the “rematch of the year” on Sunday, September 30 in Ft. Myers.

MVP Blockers:
FMDG – Jamsterella
GRR – Atomic Mel Down

MVP Jammers:
FMDG – Serenity Storm
GRR – Krispy Kreme-Her