08-11-12 GRR’s Swamp City Sirens vs. South Florida Roller Girls

GRR’s home team the Swamp City Sirens had more than a 100-point lead over the South Florida Roller Girls at the end of the August 11 bout.

This was an exciting win for Swamp City and some of GRR’s newer skaters who had their debuts on the track this night. Despite the final tally, the scoreboard doesn’t tell the whole story.

southflorida8_12The Jamburgular (#15) started as jammer for the Sirens with South Florida’s Do It Again (#4) securing the lead jammer position and putting three points on the board before a strong block by Siren Atomic Mel-Down forced South Florida to call the jam.

Early in the first half Sirens’ jammer Bubblez Badd Ass (#6432) skated a Power Jam with South Florida’s Do It Again in the penalty box. No lead jammer was called due to both teams receiving track cutting penalties. Bubblez scored an incredible 19 points with the help of her pack, Atomic Mel-Down (#U-235), Noam Bombksy (#12), Mc Jammer (#V8) and Vera Dreadful (#31). In her debut bout, Vera Dreadful proved to be a strength to the Sirens pack throughout the night.

The Sirens kept the momentum going for the next few jams until South Florida jammer Hitty Perry (#11) scored 13 points with a two Grand Slams. The Jamburgular took the line for GRR and widened the gap after taking a couple of hard hits from South Florida blocker Hellborn (#1/4 mile).

In her debut bout, Sirens’ jammer Frisky Wicket (#67) played strategically throughout the night. When Frisky Wicket took the jammer line in her sixth jam of the night there was one Sirens blocker in the box and she was up against South Florida’s Do It Again. With a no-pack call on the whistle, Frisky Wicket was lead jammer. On her second lap around the track, Frisky Wicket put points on the board with the help of Lil Duff (aka Krsipy Kreme-Her, #0) who whipped Frisky Wicket through the pack. The Sirens now had twice as many points as South Florida.

South Florida made a comeback in the next jam. Slow pack, then no pack and Atomic Mel and Bombsky in the box. Bombsky passed Bubblez Badd Ass on her way back to the track. Without an opposing jammer on the track, South Florida’s Karma Suits Ya (#12) scored 14 points bringing them within another 14 points of the Sirens.

Karma Suits Ya was back at it, this time against Sirens jammer Frisky Wicket on the track. It was a close call but Sirens blocker Atomic Mel-Down had a solid hit and Frisky Wicket secured the lead jam position.

The Jamburgular kept the momentum up and the excited the crowd in her jam against South Florida’s Do It Again. The Sirens took a knee and the South Florida pack was looking strong. The Jamburgular got through the pack as South Florida’s Hellborn looked to the inner circle for a penalty call. Sirens Atomic Mel-Down and Vera Dreadful collided. The Jamburgular hopped over her teammates and went on to score another 9 points before a collision with Hellborn forced her to call the jam.

In Frisky Wicket’s next jam, she received a minor penalty and no lead jammer was called. This didn’t stop Frisky Wicket from owning the track. As she circled the track, South Florida blockers Happy Houligan (#143) and Helen Killher (#4311) collided with one another. Frisky Wicket avoided them but took a hard fall herself. After a moment’s hesitation and a silent crowd, Frisky Wicket got back on her skates and the crowd cheered. It was the last 8 points scored by the Sirens’ before halftime. South Florida went on to score 2 more points before the first half whistle. The score was 84-60.

At the beginning of the second half, either team still had an opportunity to clinch the win. The Sirens got it despite a few troubling lays. In the second jam of the second half, skaters spent more time in the penalty box than on the track. The jam started slow with skaters trying to kill time to get their teammates out of the box. With the South Florida skaters back on the track, SF jammer Hellborn was sent to the box for a major track cutting penalty. South Florida blockers were anxious to keep The Jamburgular at bay. Happy Houligan went to slam the Sirens’ jammer, but Lil Duff intersected her and took the fall, allowing The Jamburgular through the pack meaning more points for the Sirens.

Frisky Wicket took the line again bringing the score to 100-65 with the help of Sirens’ blockers Bombksy, Atomic Mel-Down and Sisco Inferno (#616) before being sent to the penalty box. Frisky Wicket started the next jam in the box, while Sirens’ blockers Big Duff (aka Suzie Bonebreaker, #13), Rage-rienne (#1122) and Lebrawn Maimes(#23) kept the South Florida pack from forming a strong wall. Back out on the track, Frisky Wicket scored 3 points before South Florida lead jammer Do It Again called it off.

Both teams steadily added points to the scoreboard for the next few jams. Sirens’ Lebrawn Maimes went head-to-head with lead jammer Do It Again. Fast on her heels, Lebrawn pressured South Florida into calling the jam. Jammer Do It Again resumed the line against The Jamburgular. This time Do It Again did not get the lead jammer position. As The Jamburgular circled the track scoring 20 points, the Sirens’ pack was stronger than ever. Atomic Mel-Down, MC Jammer, Noam Bombsky and Copper Chaos (#29) kept Do It Again behind the pack while making room for The Jamburgular to get through multiple times. The Sirens were up 134-80.

In a no-call jam, the Sirens and South Florida jammers traded places in the penalty box. As Bubblez Badd Ass headed in, Do It Again was released. Sirens’ blocker Rage-Rienne found herself face to face with South Florida’s Hellborn’s shoulder. In a reverse skate position with a shoulder block, Hellborn was knocked to the floor by Rage-Rienne. Lil Duff kept Do It Again back as long as she could before and made it through the pack to score the only points of the jam.

South Florida jammer Sketchy Bomber (#119) was sent to the box, opening up the track for The Jamburgular to skate a Power Jam. Even after falling down, The Jamburgular didn’t call the jam off. Instead she got back up, and added another 10 points to the Sirens’ score.

A few jams later, a similar scenario unfolded. The Jamburgular and South Florida jammer Hitty Perry started the jam. Shortly after, Hitty Perry was sent to the box for a back block. The Jamburgular collided with Sketchy Bomber, this time playing the blocker position. The Sirens score went up another 20 points at the end of the full two-minute jam. 182-87.

Bubblez Badd Ass added four more points for the Sirens, with The Jamburgular scoring seven points in the final jam of the night. The score was 193-92 when The Jamburgular was forced to call the bout finding herself stuck between South Florida blockers Hellborn and Kitty Cutya Deep (#11). With six seconds left, Bubblez Badd Ass and Hitty Perry took the jammer line. Bubblez secured the lead jammer position while Atomic Mel-Down and Noam Bombsky kept Hitty Perry behind the pack. Bubblez called it before either team scored points.

Final score Swamp City Sirens 192, South Florida Roller Girls 93

MVP Jammers
Swamp City Sirens – The Jamburgular
South Florida Roller Girls – Do It Again

MVP Blockers
Swamp City Sirens – Lil Duff aka Krispy Kreme-Her
South Florida Roller Girls – Happy Houligan