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By: Yaremi Farinas

If you haven’t heard about this sport all you need to know is, it’s on wheels. Roller derby consist of two teams racing in skates around a flat track.
Gainesville has their own roller derby team called the Gainesville Roller Rebels.
Lebrawn Maimes is on the team that was founded in November 2007. She heard about the sport while at a friend’s party.

“She asked if I ever heard of roller derby and I said I had seen the movie whip it, but that’s it. I went to a practice and that was it. I was totally hooked. It looked amazing and I wanted to be part of it immediately,” said Maimes.

There are five skaters on the track. Four blockers and one jammer.
Maimes is the jammer who wears a star helmet cover. She scores a point for each opposing blocker she passes.
One way a jammer can get out of a pack is by doing an arm whip. There are specific rules they have to follow just like any other sport.

“The way that you can hit somebody is with your shoulder, and with your hip or your back,” said Adrienne Fagan.

All the roller rebels are very athletic, but some say they didn’t think they had it in them.

“When I was a kid, I was always the one that finished the mile last. So when I came here I realized that I can do this,” said Fagan.

Play a sport that takes strength, practice and dedication.

“At least within the last 3 years we’ve gotten really committed to being the best team that the city of gainevsille can have,” said Miriam Hill who is the President of the Gainesville Roller Rebels.

They hope to be part of the Womens Flat Track Derby Association by 2013. Giving them the chance to play at the national level .

Yaremi Farinas