Spring Derby 101 – GRR Recruitment Day!

May 7th from 10:15am to 1pm at the Alachua County Fairgrounds –

We can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions (if your resolutions were to find a community, be a total bad@$$, or get more active)! Join the Rebels for a morning of roller derby 101 where we will introduce you to the game and go over basic skating skills. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Seriously!

What do you need? Yourself, comfortable workout clothes, sneakers, a water bottle, and ***a mouthguard*** (please don’t forget this, as you can’t skate without it and we don’t share ~ ew!) You can find a cheap mouthguard at a sporting goods store or walmart. We’ll provide all the other gear you need to get rolling!

Sign up form coming soon, but you can check out the Facebook event here!