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Gainesville Roller Rebels resident Canadian player “Eh-Nihilator” talks with Steve Russell on Sportscene, WRUF 850 AM’s morning sports show. Listen in as “Eh” discusses her experience with GRR’s Fresh Meat program, differences between roller derby and ice hockey, and what it’s like living in Florida. September 23, 2011

Press Releases

Roller derby team gears up to take on Tallahassee
July 17, 2012; (PDF)

Roller Rebels kick off summer bouts with tough matchup against Fort Myers
May 30, 2012; (PDF)

Gainesville Roller Rebels set eyes on national stage
September 14, 2011; (PDF)

Local team wants derby to be Gainesville’s “other” favorite sport
October 17, 2011; (PDF)

Roller derby team makes giving back a priority
October 31, 2011; (PDF)

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