LuLu Hollywood #813

Number: 813

Position: Blocker/Pivot

Height: 5’7 1/4

Favorite Color: Dark Red

Favorite Move: Dead Leg or a good Can Opener.

Favorite Skates: Vanilla Black-Out boot with Sunlite plates currently. Though I would love to try out some Bonts.

Favorite Wheels: Backspin Mayhems

Likes: Organization, knowing what’s going on, good blocking, hard hits, learning something new every time I get on the track, cats and dogs.

Dislikes: Messes, being scattered, being sent to the box for something I know I didn’t do and birds.

What you want fans to know about you: I love each and every one of you guys. We wouldn’t get anywhere without your support! Derby love to you all. <3