The Jamburglar #15

Position: Jammer, occasional blocker, and Captain

Height: 6’4”

Favorite Move: the juke

Favorite Beer: Bell’s Oberon

Tag Line: Epic illegal consumption.

Sign: Not usually.

Likes: Potato mashers; things that are flat, black and circular; autumn; sharp wit; bandannas

Dislikes: Empty ice-cube trays, the color red, raw vinegar

A most interesting character from Rebel-Land is The Jamburglar. It’s a clever neologism that unites stealing with roller derby. Ordinarily you might think a sport, marketing primarily to misfits, that had a criminal as a player would not fare too well in terms of public sentiment. Stealing is wrong, it’s not a joke, we’re trying to teach our kids not to steal — and yet here is this thieving little jam-burglar bloke stealing as many jams as she possibly can. Epic illegal consumption. Cooool.