Yaz Queen #305

Position: Blocker

Height: 5’2″, I think

Sign: Virgo

Tag Line: Anything that has ever been said on RuPaul’s drag race, “Sorry con escusmi,” and “I’m from Miami, I’ll stab a b*tch”

Favorite Color: 10PB 2/20 (Munsell Color System)

Favorite Movie: Undecided. I haven’t gotten tired of Lifesize, anything with Julie Andrews, or V for Vendetta

Likes: RuPaul’s drag race (like is an understatement; it’s more of an obsession), Katya and Trixie Mattel, snapchat (@yazyasloyazzy; shameless plug, I know), roller derby (obvi), Rihanna, science, Elizabeth Warren, Miami, nature, my family (I like them most of the time), sassitude …there are too many things to like

Dislikes: Passive aggressiveness, close-mindedness, squirrels that jump in front of me when I’m riding my bike (that’s just reckless; at least wear a helmet), ignorance, Trump, anyone holding a clipboard for whatever reason (I’m already registered to vote in Florida, thanks, byeeeeeee), drivers not using their signals (suspense is fun, but foreshadowing saves lives), injuries, oppression and stuff

Favorite Treat: Pastelitos de queso