Rebel of the Month: Rage-rienne #1122

Roller derby name and number: Rage-rienne, #1122

Roller derby position – on the track (and why): Blocker- I just really enjoy putting my butt on people.

Roller derby position – off the track (and why): Treasurer. Someone has to be the sucker to make sure we pay our rent and do our taxes!

How long have you been playing roller derby for GRR? This month will be 2 years.

How did you come up with your name and number? I’ve been called Rage-rienne since my barista days at Starbucks, so when I joined derby I already had the name.  And the number is a historical date.

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals? Before a bout I am mainly focused on my stomach and its stunning acrobatics. No matter who we are playing, me and my stomach are always nervous! So there’s that, and I like to keep things Gainesville and listen to some Against Me! Post-bout I’m snuggling up with a whiskey ginger and some leg wrastlin’.

What is your favorite thing about playing roller derby for GRR? Right now it’s watching us grow at a tremendous pace. Just in the last few months we have gone from having a losing 2010 season, to being 5 and 1 in our current season. A huge credit is due to our training committee for the new and improved workout routine and to Raggedy Animal and Miss American Thighs of Gotham Girls Roller Derby for coming down for a weekend in February to whip us into shape.

What is your most memorable GRR roller derby experience? There really are more than I can recount here but if I had to choose one it would be from last season.  The Bradentucky Bombers had beaten us pretty miserably at the start of the season at our home venue, as in by more than 100 points. But a few months later we were able to grab a solid
win against them at their home venue. Tables turn quickly in derby!

If you had a theme song, what would it be? “Since You Been Gone”

Aside from roller derby, what are you passionate about? Non-profit work in general is where my heart is at. Whenever I have the opportunity to serve on a committee for a project I jump at the chance. I’ve had a lot of experience networking and getting what’s needed on the cheap, and that is a great benefit to groups with a great cause.

What would GRR fans be surprised to know about you? Once upon a time I used to dig dirt for political campaigns as a living. Now I work with neurosurgeons.

What makes you a Rebel? I always try and do what I believe to be right- even if it gets me into hot water. I feel like if I am not in trouble at least once every few months, then I have probably missed an opportunity to help someone.

Likes: Pulling the cut on your jammer, not being in the penalty box all season (thus far), sarcasm, yardwork, cupcakes, Cookieton, NPR, taking care of business, Dexter, legit derby sisterhood/community.

Dislikes: Skating backwards to block, jam plugs, sailing, electronic voting machines, and the color yellow.

Guilty pleasures: Paramore.

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