Rebel of the Month: RuBrawl

Roller derby name and number: RuBrawl

Roller derby position – on the track (and why): Right now, I’m mostly stomping around in the middle of the track as a penalty wrangler, but I’m also training to be a ref. Being a skater just wasn’t in the cards for me, but I like the deep understanding of this awesome game that comes with being an official.

Roller derby position – off the track (and why): I’m the head official, which means I round up non-skating officials and refs for every game. I’m also the fresh meat representative, because – thanks to injury – I was in Fresh Meat training foreverrrrr and know how it works really well. Too well.

How long have you been with GRR? Since August of 2010.

How did you come up with your name and number? I love drag, honey, and RuPaul is the most sick’ning queen out there. When I got to re-name myself through roller derby, I couldn’t imagine a better namesake than someone as gender-bendy and courageous as her!

Do you have any pre- or post-bout rituals? Pre-bout: Frantically running around to keep all the paperwork organized and make sure everyone knows how to do their jobs. Post-bout: Collapse in a heap. Does that count as a ritual?

What is your favorite thing about GRR? Everyone has charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent!

What is your most memorable GRR roller derby experience? There are too many to count, but the ones that have meant the most to me are the times that more experienced skaters have gone out of their way to help me with a skill I was struggling to learn.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? “Get Your Rebel On” by RuPaul

Aside from roller derby, what are you passionate about? Social justice, gluten-free cupcakes, teaching, community

What would GRR fans be surprised to know about you? Someone, somewhere, decided that I should be responsible for teaching history to undergrads. That person should probably submit to psychological evaluation.

What makes you a Rebel? I’m going to use the Oxford comma until my dying day, and I don’t care if it goes out of style.

Likes: Food of the non-meat variety, skinny ties, eyeliner, rainbows

Dislikes: Jerks, carrots, wasabi, parking at UF

Guilty pleasures: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I just like stuff, some of which other people might think is dumb. That’s their problem.

Learn more about RuBrawl on her profile.