2014 Annual Beerlympics – Register Now!

The time has come for the event you’ve all been waiting for, GRR’s annual BEERLYMPICS!!! Join us January 25th at High Dive! Full details can be found on the FB Beerlympics event.

“What is Beerlympics,” you may ask?

In Beerlympics, teams register by country and compete in a number of events from flip cup to chugging while hoola-hooping. And yes, as the name implies, all of the games involve crazy fun and beer drinking!

Some things you’ll need to know:
Beerlympics will take place at High Dive on January 25th. The festivities will begin at 8:00PM and go until a winner is declared!
You must register in teams of 4, no more, no less. When you register, you will be able to give 2-3 options for which country your team will represent. If a country is requested by multiple teams, the country will be assigned on a first-paid basis.
Pre-registration is $45 per team. This price will last until January 23rd.
Registration is $60 per team at the door.

Keep checking out the FB page for more information (like special discounts)! Get excited, this years events are going to be some of the best!