First GRR Bootcamp of 2014

We are starting the new year off right with a Roller Derby bootcamp! This is a great opportunity to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution of becoming a Gainesville Roller Rebel! Register online at

What we are offering:
For three consecutive Sundays in February — the 9th, 16th, and 23th — we will be hosting a derby skills and informational bootcamp. Participants will learn basic and foundational skating skills, as well as, informational sessions on gear, derby 101, and some off skate training lessons. Hosted at the Alachua County Fairgrounds, 3100 NE 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609.

The bootcamp, for all three Sundays, will cost $30.00. This registration price includes the rental of all derby gear.
Any participants who already have gear will receive a $10.00 discount off of the registration price.

What to wear and bring:
Everyone should wear light-weight athletic clothing and close-toed running shoes. You should also bring your own gallon of water (this is a very active bootcamp so we all need to stay hydrated!). If you have gear, bring it! If not, don’t worry! We will provide it for you. HOWEVER, every participant MUST bring their own heat-molded mouthguard! You can get a mouthguard from Sports Authority or Walmart. Please do not forget to bring a mouthguard because you will NOT be eligible to skate without one!

There is absolutely no previous experience required! Just bring a positive attitude and a love for derby, and we will provide the rest! Participant registration may be limited to a certain amount of people so register AS SOON AS YOU CAN! This is a great opportunity to get involved in roller derby and become part of an amazing community!